Baker's Dozen

Baker's Dozen is a set of timed releases based on the art of Chris Campbell. Every couple of months we will release 1-2 items themed after cake and ice cream for a total of 13 products within the year. Each release will last a week. Once finished, the product will not be offered for sale for the rest of the year. 

Available for:

Limited Edition Icing Swirlette Wallet

Say hello to our second Baker's Dozen Release! This wallet is the first of our Shoe Bakery wallet collection. The Icing Swirlette is a one of  kind wallet designed by Chris Campbell. It features Icing Studs lining the border with a painterly icing print in the background with poppy red and ice blue pigments. The wallet is finished with pink and white Esterhazy patterning in the interior pockets and pink lining. This is a limited edition release only available for 1 week. 

-Each order comes with a signed print of the sketch designed by Chris Campbell

- This is a pre-ordered item.

- Measurements: 8w"X4h"X1d"

-Materials: PVC printed exterior, and satin interior