Have an idea for a shoe design?

- Fill out the "Private Order" form below to let us know your idea with  a detailed description. In the subject box please put "private order".

- When we email you, we will work together on the design so please be prepared to have sketches or pictures ready. There will be a design fee that will be added to the price of the shoe if needed.

- Once we come to an agreement on the design, we will send you a quote.  We can provide the shoe if available or you can provide the shoes you want us to "bake."

-After we send you an invoice, and payment is made  you can ship your shoes to the address on the invoice. We will contact you when your shoe arrives and then we will begin the creation process.

- We will update you when your shoes are almost complete. Once complete you will recieve a tracking number. Free Shipping is included if you provide your shoes.

*There is currently a waiting period of over a month for Private Orders so please plan ahead when filling out this form. 


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